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Backyard Safari is now part the Alex Brands family! Read the news.

The Base Camp Field Shelter, Camouflage Netting, and Reptile Hunter’s Super Throw Net were featured in Disney FamilyFun magazine in the third annual Boredom Buster Awards.

Bird Watcher Field Kit featured on the Today Show

Expedition One 3-in-1 Compass Tool received the Spring 2011 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center

Mega Magnifier wins National Parenting Publication Award for Top Children’s Products

Backard Safari Outfitters featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Backyard Safari Outfitters featured in Boys Life Magazine

Bug Vacuum nominated for 2009 Outdoor Toy of the Year

Start Your Safari

There’s a big world out there waiting to be explored. When you head out on your next adventure, follow these essential field tips to stay safe and be responsible:

  1. WEAR PROPER CLOTHING: Wear appropriate shoes and clothing to protect you and keep you warm, or cool, depending on the weather.
  2. TRAVEL WITH OTHERS: There’s safety in numbers and it’s a lot more fun. There should always be at least two or three people in your group.
  3. PACK EMERGENCY GEAR: Always carry a whistle, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. Use your whistle to call for help if you get separated from your group.
  4. EXPLORE SAFELY: Follow trails and stay away from all unsafe areas. For example, high places or near loose rocks. Be very careful near water and ice.
  5. CARRY WATER & FOOD: Drinking water keeps you hydrated. A small snack will keep you comfortable and energized.
  6. KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING: Ask for directions and don’t travel where someone can’t see you or find you. Always be sure you can find your way back.
  7. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF: Leave things looking as good or better than you found them. Carry your own trash and dispose of it properly.
  8. BE KIND TO NATURE: Never harm plants, animals or other wildlife. Ask permission when collecting specimens. Leave everything else untouched.
  9. BE RESPONSIBLE: Protect the environment. Everything in nature should be respected—trees, plants, fish, birds, even rocks! Don’t cause damage and never start a fire!
  10. TELL YOUR PARENTS: Make sure your parents or other adults know where you’ll be and when you’re coming back. Better yet…invite them along for the adventure!